This site will stop accepting new bets starting August 1st 2014. When I first put this page up it was as much a proof of concept as anything else and gave something useful to do with Bitcoins as well as a sample of verifiable betting that had formerly only been done manually in the forums. These days there is no shortage of things to do with your BTC, from more exciting betting sites to all sorts of shopping opportunities, therefore I don't feel this is providing a useful service anymore. I kept it running this long because of the affiliate program but at this point bets have dropped off to a level such that I don't feel anyone is counting on regular affiliate payments. Thanks to everyone who has played over the years.

This is a simple darts game played with bitcoins. For more information about bitcoins in general you can check out bitcoin.org. The rules are fairly simple, for each play you will be given a bitcoin address to send payment to and asked what address you would like any winnings sent back to. For each bet a payment hash is generated from a predetermined secret and the transaction id, and the last 4 digits (in hex) of that number will correspond to x and y coordinates on the dartboard shown below. You are given a hash of the secret before betting so you can verify after that the results are chosen fairly.The amount you get paid back will depend on what section your dart lands in according to the table listed. The payment page will continue to update and show your results as soon as the payment is received and your winnings will be sent back shortly.

Bullseye pays 500%
Double Bullseye pays 1000%
Blue pays 200%
Purple pays 120%
Cyan pays 100%
Red pays 50%
Green pays 20%
The outer ring doubles the payout
The inner ring triples the payout
Outside the board pays nothing

If there are any problems with payments going missing you can email me at admin@movoda.net and I will do what I can. Please include as much information as possible (bitcoin address sent to, amount, approximate timestamp).

And now if you're ready to play you can start by entering the bitcoin address you would like winnings sent to here:

Affiliate Program

This is a very simple program without any accounts or stats/balance checking available, but it does work properly and as always you know how to get ahold of me if there are any problems.

You can create an affiliate link for any address by simply adding it in this form:

http://bitcoindarts.movoda.net/?partner=<bitcoin address here>

It pays 1% of each bet that is made through your link, added when the bet is confirmed and the winnings are paid out. It is paid to the address specified periodically (there is no longer any minimum payout amount but higher balances will get paid out faster/more frequently). The main page with your affiliate link will also store a cookie in the users browser and continue to use your affiliate id for replays until it expires (after one week) or until someone else's affiliate link is used.

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